Soap Packaging

When the soap packaging is removed, its mission is over. However, soap must be placed in a soap box after it leaves the packaging.

Why not combine the two? Why not make the packaging a box?

On the one hand, soap has water attached to its surface after each use. On the other hand, biodegradable packaging needs to decompose naturally in water. Therefore, it is possible to combine the two, and the soap packaging can slowly degrade as the soap is used. Not only extends the life of the packaging but also allows for reuse. Soap packaging is both a package and a soap box. The packaging protects the product while also biodegrading under natural conditions.

The thickness of the material is constantly tested during the production process. Too thin material is not easy to fold and mold, and too thick will waste raw material.

The folds of the packaging are completed by cutting. The depth of its cut is proportional to the fold and cannot be too deep or too shallow.

Some text on the top of the packaging suggests to the consumers that this material is biodegradable—a more effective promotion of biodegradable packaging.