Coffee Cup Bag

It is an innovative design for consumers to reuse when carrying coffee cups.

Bags are ubiquitous packaging in life, and some reusable bags are available today. However, there are only a few reusable coffee cup bags. Coffee cups placed in ordinary bags without cup holders can easily tilt, resulting in liquid spillage. So, I made a reusable coffee cup bag out of biodegradable materials.

I want to use simple packaging methods to minimize the use of raw materials. The coffee cup bag should serve the purpose of a cup holder and be easy for the user to carry before and after use. These are the things I have to consider during the design process.

I was inspired by the fact that paper can be folded, bent, and carried efficiently. Thus, the first version of the biodegradable coffee cup bag was born. It bends when the user uses it and unfolds for easy carrying after the user has finished using it.

I tested the flexibility and weight-bearing capacity of the packaging by adjusting the material proportions.

The primary purpose of a coffee cup bag is to hold and carry the coffee cup. Therefore, the handle of the coffee cup is crucial. I tested and modified the handles’ shape, length, and width several times for ergonomics.

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I also adjusted the length and width of the package. If the width of the package is too short, it is not easy for the user to grip it; if the package is too long, the raw material will be well-spent.

I tried to test the bag by taking it out into the rain. The results showed that multiple short walks in the rain did not damage the packaging.

I use UV printing to print on the material.

Some text on the top of the packaging suggests to the consumers that this material is biodegradable—a more effective promotion of biodegradable packaging.